Emerging Market Media Implements Text-To-Speech Audio Articles

NEW YORK, LONDON, & PARIS–([1])–Emerging Market Media (EMM) today announced it has fully implemented Audio Articles by speechkit.io[2] on its flagship editorial product, Emerging Market Views.[3]

London-based speechkit.io[4] has worked with EMM to customize and formally integrate Audio Articles. The result is crystal clear, like-human audio that now accompanies all editorial items–news, analysis, and op-eds–on Emerging Market Views.

Audio Articles offers a distinct complement to the brand as it continues to build out a global, highly niche, and discerning audience of business executives and decision-makers around the world who turn to Emerging Market Views for exclusive insights and in-depth analysis of the world’s emerging and frontier markets.

‘We’re pleased to provide our services to Emerging Market Media and their growing readership,” James MacLeod, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer with speechkit.io[5] said. “Publishers such as Emerging Market Media are innovating to meet a generation of news consumers on-the-move, and in doing so are better securing their future. Today, audio articles are proving to be an effective and profitable addition to newsroom tools.”

The site currently deploys a unique neural voice that instantly begins to “read” text of an article with one simple click. EMM continues to collect feedback from its core subscribers on particular preferences and anticipates alternating between 2-3 unique voices and accents by year’s end.

“As a growing company, listening to and engaging with our audience is key. The team at speechkit.io[6] has proven to be a very knowledgeable partner for our business, which is highly niche,” Dawn Kissi, cofounder of EMM said. “Every digital publisher knows that within today’s media landscape, traffic is not necessarily a marker of a true and loyal audience. With speechkit.io[7], we’ve been able to more accurately identify and serve our niche”

Engagement on the platform has risen, return visitors are spending more time on the site while listening, and the product has proven to also be a valuable investment in terms of garnering repeat visitors who more often than not, “take action on what they experience on Emerging Market Views,” Kissi said.

EMM will begin to deploy speechkit.io[8]‘s technology across its current newsletters and special editorial sections launching later this year.

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