How to Write a Press Release (That Actually Grows Your Business)

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2. Who should your press release target?

Who are you targeting with your press release? is an important question to ask before determining which channel to promote it through, and even before deciding what to write.

When you know who your press release is for, you’re able to tailor your word choice and value proposition specifically to them. This makes your release more relatable (and interesting), which makes it more likely for you to attract attention.

Buyer Personal Example

Creating target personas will help your press release resonate with the right people.

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The ideal target varies between press releases, but ask yourself one question: Who do we want seeing this?

  • Current customers
  • Potential customers
  • Investors
  • Competitors
  • Other industry professionals

Pick one, and be sure to include at least a paragraph in your release that speaks directly to them.

E.g. if you’re targeting potential customers, talk about the value a customer will get from your new [product, partnership, etc.]. If you’re targeting industry professionals, talk about how this event marks you as a leader or innovator.

3. Why should someone care about your press release?

You’ve done something you think is impressive or important. Great! Now ask Why should anyone outside the company care?

Asking yourself a few other questions will help you answer Why:

  • How will this thing you’re talking about affect readers? Will it help or hurt them?
  • What’s the next step for your company?
  • How does this fit into a larger story or context (e.g. an evolving industry)?
  • What’s unique about this story?
  • What’s the next step a reader should take after reading this story?
  • Is there more to your story, or is your press release a dead end?

If you can say here’s why this matters to the reader, here’s what’s unique about this story, and here’s how our organization fits into something larger, you will win the attention you want.

What Reporters Want in a Press Release

PC: March Communications[5]

In addition to standalone stories, reporters are looking for news to help them fill in other pieces they’re working on. A good quote from a high ranking official can earn you coverage as part of a bigger story that you’d otherwise be unable to get.

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